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What we believe

We believe in the development of an individual curriculum for each child based on the child’s needs, talents, abilities, and interests. Needs include safety, security, nourishment, relationships of trust, praise and encouragement, respect and stimulation of curiosity. Talents are innate skills with which a child is born. Abilities are skills that a child acquires through their own exploration of their environment, through problem-solving, through learning by instruction from adults or other children. Interests are areas in which a child demonstrates focus through choice for prolonged periods. It is possible in looking at the focus of a two-year-old to know something about the adult the child will become. Children demonstrate a natural inclination for certain skills, areas of learning and interests. It is important to nourish those appropriately at the same time as encouraging exploration in areas in which a child may not be so confident in order to develop a well-rounded child. When we focus on these four areas for each child individually, we provide the best possible start in their life-long journey of learning and growing, and giving them the best preparation for entrance into their next schools.


What we offer

A safe, clean and spacious environment that is warm, inviting and nurturing to children and carefully planned curriculum where the play takes precedence and learning opportunities are present throughout a day.
Your child will experience planned preschool activities, developmentally appropriate materials that create a positive and educational experience.
Our focus is on social relationships, language skills, problem-solving, fine and gross motor development, self-help skills, and music and movement.
We incorporate activities that promote letter, number, shape and color recognition.
The emphasis on social-emotional development will help children learn respect, patience, politeness, and cooperative values which will help them to be successful in school and life.

OUR PROGRAM: Our Mission
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